Forging Your Ideas
with Raw Materials and a Purpose



We're a Custom Manufacturing and Fabrication company based in Phoenix, AZ that merges engineering, a creative and innovative design approach, with over two decades of experience to ensure the best end-product.  Let's achieve your goals together






The experienced research
and development team at E2
Innovations Inc. can assist
you with all your design
and/or prototype needs.
Our mechanical and civil
engineers provide full design
and prototype development.

Detailed 2D cadd drawings can
be developed for estimating
through to shop drawings for
approval for fabrication. E2
Innovations Inc. can provide
job costing for design
development, fabrication
and installation.

E2 Innovations Inc. can review
design concepts and develop
the most sound, economical
and sustainable options.

E2 Innovations Inc. offers a wide range of fabrication services.
Our ability to efficiently process and cut shapes which can be scanned, digitized, imported, and graphically manipulated, allows us to provide a one-of-a-kind service.

We provide plasma cutting, laser cutting, laser engraving, vinyl cutting, weeding, masking, and application onto most surfaces. We also cut vinyl and steel for painting masks.

We collaborate with structural engineers to ensure that your final product is set for the long haul. We provide competent and safe installations as well as field welding. 



Our Clients

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At E2 Innovations Inc., no project is the same as the last. We are constantly innovating to ensure every assignment serves it’s purpose whether big or small. Many people try to innovate by using cutting edge technology and revamping their processes every quarter, however, there is a definite need for evaluating and progressing the inner workings of a metal fabrication business. We enjoy solving those kinds of problems.


We stand apart from others in the ways we collaborate with a team and advocate for our clients. Even if we don't have the machinery to accomplish your vision, we will find someone who does and get you connected.



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